Our Team

Specialized Linguists

Our team includes an extensive registry of translators and interpreters in the financial, medical, engineering and pharmaceutical industries, many of whom are accredited and/or hold JD, MBA and PhD degrees in their chosen field.

Project Managers

Our staff of project managers include attorneys and multi-lingual specialists. They are expert at managing the most complex projects for clients looking for language services. Additionally, their abilities allow us to provide an added level of reliability and value to every job large and small.


Tribeca Translations is a small agency that services law firms specializing in litigation and intellectual property matters.

Although we focus on this niche market, the expertise of our agency ranges far beyond the legal industry.

We strive to provide technically, linguistically and culturally accurate translation and interpreting services that enable our clients to work confidently in the global marketplace.

Our ability to provide competitively priced services expeditiously and with a meticulous attention to detail has contributed to the success of a broad range of business and legal matters worldwide.

Be assured that we provide the best products and service in the industry.