In representing one of their most important clients in a complex financial litigation, a prominent New York law firm retained Tribeca Translations to provide translations of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese documents into English on an on-call basis.

The documents included statutes and treatises discussing Italian securities regulations and criminal and civil procedure, transcripts of hearings of financial company officers and employees, as well as correspondence and memos written in regional dialect. We assembled a team of translators with the ability to translate complex financial concepts, as well as decipher the vernacular slang.

Over a 3 1/2 year period, we translated over 6 million words into English. When the case entered trial stage, we supported the trial team by turning around translations of exhibits as needed by the next morning. Our client succeeded in winning its counterclaim against the plaintif.


Our client required 8,000 pages (approximately 3 million words) of clinical trial results and supporting documents for an FDA submission to be translated from Japanese into English within 4 weeks.

We were contracted to translate 1,500 pages (approximately half a million words), and the rest of the project was split amongst other vendors. We assembled a team of 12 translators, including experts in pharmaceuticals, and delivered the 1,500 pages of translated and formatted documents within 2 weeks.

The other vendors were so far behind schedule in delivering their portions of the project that the client requested us to take on as much as we could handle. We took on another 5,000 pages, doubled our team to 24 translators, and by working around the clock for 10 days straight (including weekends), we were able to deliver the additional 5,000 pages on schedule.

6,500 pages were translated (approximately 2.3 million words) and formatted for submission to the FDA within a 3 1/2 week period.

Featured Case Study

Patent Litigation

Our client, a New York law firm, represented a Japanese manufacturer of semi-conductor technology in its defense and countersuit of patent infringement against another manufacturer.

Tribeca Translations provided over 50 translators to review documents on-site in the client's New York and Washington DC offices for a period of 3 months. The translators used Ringtail software to code the documents that they reviewed. As they discovered relevant material, the documents were sent to us to be translated on a rolling basis.

The documents were highly technical in the field of chemical research, with a majority being handwritten notes. The translations required extensive formatting and careful proofreading, all of which was completed in-house at no additional charge to the client.

In 3 months, we were able to translate close to a half million pages, preparing our client for a successful settlement.